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  • DC Foil X Flax


    DC Foil X Flax

    About riding the DC Foil X Flax:“It’s the silence that really hits you, the first time you lift off”: Open up a whole new world of waveriding!

    Catch waves that refuse to break and fly over the slower sections with grace and speed. Evolved from the DC Foil X, this version is a simplified, eco-friendlier board featuring flax fibre in its rails for added durability. The DC Foil X Flax only connects to twin-track mounting systems as we skipped the tuttle-box to cut weight and price.

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  • SUP Foil


    A dedicated SUP Foil and Wing foil board
    This new generation of SUP foiling shapes takes engineering queues from the Americaʼs Cup foiling boats.
    The recreational series is designed with the same outlines and rocker as the Pro Series, but with a dialled down concave and a less pronounced stringer line. The Rec Series also has a bit more volume in the front section of the board and fuller rails compared to the Pro Series range.

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  • Sup Foil Pro


    This new generation of SUP-Wing foiling boards take engineering queues from the latest Americaʼs Cup foiling boats. By adapting key concepts to the specific shape requirements of SUP foiling, we greatly improved bottom-end sub-foiling performance, getting you up and foiling early with minimal effort.

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  • Surf Foil


    The NSP Surf Foil is part of our recreational series, featuring the same outlines and rocker as the Pro Series, but with a less pronounced concave and a less pronounced center stringer. The recreational Series also has a bit more volume up in the front section of the board and slightly fuller rails compared to the Pro Series range.

    These differences translate to increased stability, allowing riders to focus on getting onto the foil. This shapes also assists in recovering from dramatic touchdowns while on the foil. A mild scoop helps to avoid abrupt nosedives as well.

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  • Surf Foil Pro


    The Surf Foil Pro is our dedicated surf foil board. They paddle fast, getting you into waves faster and on your foil with ease.

    Evolved from the last generation of foil boards that often featured flat-bottom hulls, these advanced shapes feature concave and pronounced center stringers that create a totally new experience for intermediate-to-expert foilers. With the Surf Foil Pro, riders can hit the water hard, lose minimal speed or momentum, and recovery is smooth after an accidental touchdown.

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