NSP Carolina Pro Carbon 14” x 25”


The new NSP Carolina is a winning tool for 90% of all racing conditions that a competitive stand-up paddle racer encounters.

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The new NSP Carolina Pro Carbon 14” x 25” is a winning tool for 90% of all racing conditions that a competitive stand-up paddle racer encounters. The bottom shape of the new Carolina remains the same, as its performance conquered a lot of podium finishes.



Recessed, course race board with all-round performance for all conditions.

The NSP racing team has dominated the Carolina Cup for years now, with riders like Titouan Puyo winning back-to-back titles in 2016 and 2017 and Travis Grant coming in 1st in 2015 and 2nd in 2016, 2017 and 2018. It is only fitting that we call our latest race board “Carolina”.

The brand new Carolina excels in all conditions from beach starts, downwind sections, flat-water sections, surf, headwinds, crosswind to gnarly currents. The design builds on key features of the Sonic, our best downwind board to date. A reduced rocker line translates into additional efficiency in flatter conditions, hitting peak performance on flat water, and water with a degree of texture.

The Carolina truly excels in flat to medium downwind conditions. Its shape also performs well in upwind and crosswind conditions.

Evolved width equals performance gains

A reduced width is nothing without stability. Optimizing the center of gravity for the NSP Carolina Pro Carbon 14” x 25” resulted in a more balanced riding experience. This allowed us to decrease the width for noticeable performance gains

By lowering the center of gravity across the entire shape, not just the standing area, athletes benefit consistently, even when they are on the back of the board. The improved stability allows athletes to go more narrow, and reap the benefits of the increased performance throughout the Carolina range.

Added width in the standing area

Note the subtle dug-out at the bottom of the rails, allowing a wider stance and improved stability. The NSP Carolina comes with a single centered, neoprene handle placed on a balanced fixture point for ultra-fast beach starts and close-call finishes.



  • The lower rocker is derived from the 2018 Sonic 14’0” x 23”.
  • The recessed deck allows for a lower centre of gravity and adds stability.
  • The added width of the Carolina provides a more stable and comfortable ride.
  • Wide tail for high-performance and stable buoy turns.
  • Accelerator Vacuum System (AVS) for quick waterdrain from the dugout standing area.Fin:The NSP 20, 22 and 24 racing fins are designed to deliver top performance: expect excellent tracking, stability, efficiency, speed and easy acceleration.






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