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The 100% Carbon Speedster 81 RDM (reduced-diameter) is a paddle shaft (26mm) designed for paddlers wanting a shaft that fits their style or physique. Paddlers clutching with their digits, kids and women are stoked on having a high-performance paddle with a reduced-diameter shaft.

With the same strength and flex pattern as the regular 29mm shaft, the Carbon Speedster RDM 81 racing blade integrates a parallel edge outline, giving racers a quick and precise catch. The parallel edge outline also helps release, allowing for a faster motion through the water.

Blade outline
The outline of the Speedster blade is perfect for sprint racing, downwind runs and long-distance paddling – and is Ty Judson’s blade of choice.


  • Blade Area: 81 sqi (or 522cm²)
  • Length: 220 cm
  • Shaft/blade angle 10°
  • UD Carbon stringer
  • HDC CNC cut PVS Core, lightweight with minimal resin
  • Pre-molded carbon next for maximum strength
  • Full ABS rail around the blade edge for durability
  • Laminated with eco-friendly bio-resin


Additional Information

How does the Carbon Speedster 81 RDM help your paddling?

Proper paddling should be effortless, so if you feel your paddling is strained at times, an RDM shaft in combination with your preferred blade may be a real game-changer. In the long run, the paddle that best suits your style of paddling will help you maintain a solid frequency and cover more distance than you’d manage with a paddle that works against you. So, if you have the opportunity to attend a demo or try out an RDM shaft at your local paddleboard shop, we recommend you give it a go – you may just take your paddling to the next level!

— NSP paddles usually come with a standard diameter of 29mm, which we have found to be the perfect fit for most paddlers, by a very large margin. These standard diameter paddles will work in all paddling conditions that you can participate in. By creating the RDM version of the 81 Speedster, NSP recognizes that a select group of paddlers prefers a reduced diameter though.


Note: When handling carbon high-performance products, NSP recommends the use of an appropriately padded bag to avoid damaging your equipment outside of the water.

How to cut a carbon paddle

Finding out the perfect length and cutting your high-performance carbon fiber paddle shaft to length can be slightly daunting the first time, which is why we created an extensive blog for paddlers looking to learn more about cutting and gluing their paddle themselves. We also edited a basic video you can watch from your phone.


After you have purchased your new NSP fixed paddle, you will need to cut and fit to size the shaft,  then glue the handle in to place. If you are not familiar with how to do this, please have a look at the video tutorial – whether you race, surf or foil – follow along with Team Rider Paul Jonesy as he explains how to easily cut the paddle shaft to the perfect size.

Speedster Features


All composite paddles by NSP are baked after a bio-based polymer is applied. Supplied by Entropy Resins, we are aware that even bio-based epoxy impacts the environment. But replacing petroleum-based materials with renewable plant-based resources is a good move, recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Entropy Resins products meet the program criteria and are all USDA Certified Bio-based Products.


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