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Carbon Fixed Allround 86

Carbon Fixed Allround 86

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The Allround paddles are optimal for wave riding, touring, and cruising. Available with our eco-friendly green epoxy resin.

Shaft Technology
Pre-preg shafts utilize less resin uptake, making for a very clean production process and a reduction in the overall weight.

  • Medium Flex*
  • Perfect for all-round and wave paddling
  • Available with all Carbon, Carbon Hybrid, and Carbon Bamboo paddles


  • Flex is measured in full-length shafts
  • Once the shaft is cut shorter, the flex will become stiffer
  • Adjustable shafts are stiffer than fixed shafts

Standard Diameter
Our Standard 29mm shaft is the preferred choice for all paddling conditions.

Allround Blade Shape
Our traditional teardrop outline is the perfect shape for paddlers who need initial paddle power to catch waves or get their board moving in the water. With the extra volume and surface area, our Allround shapes are perfect for everyday paddlers or wave riders.

Blade: 86sqi
Weight: 495g


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