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Carbon Fixed Speedster 81 RDM

Carbon Fixed Speedster 81 RDM

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The speedster designs will take those interested in serious racing to the next level of performance. Available with our eco-friendly green epoxy resin.

 Shaft Technology
The carbon filament shaft is the perfect balance between tensile strength and torsion resistance. Due to the computer-controlled continuous fiber wrap around the shaft, a high consistency is achieved. The result is a thin, durable, and flexible shaft wall.

  • Soft to Medium Flex*
  • Perfect for racing and long-distance paddling
  • Great energy transfer and is easy on your muscles and shoulders
  • Available with all Speedster paddles


  • Flex is measured in full-length shafts
  • Once the shaft is cut shorter, the flex will become stiffer
  • Adjustable shafts are stiffer than fixed shafts

Reduced Diameter
26mm reduced diameter shaft is the perfect fit, at the perfect weight, for kids, women, and anyone with smaller hands. Designed with the same strength and flex characteristics as our 29mm shaft.

Speedster Blade Shape
Our Speedster racing blade integrates the parallel edge outline to provide racers with a quick, precise catch and release needed to propel through the water. This is a great blade outline for sprint racing, downwinding, and long-distance paddling.

Blade: 81sqi
Weight: 450g


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