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Molokai Pro Carbon

Molokai Pro Carbon

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The dominating unlimited downwinder.
The Molokai is named after and designed for one of the most demanding races – The Molokai 2 Oahu. NSP team rider Travis Grant won this legendary title 4 times. His experience in this grueling race, combined with the designs of Alain Teurquetil accumulated in the 2019 Molokai Unlimited Pro Carbon, an elite shape that performs in any downwind, upwind, side-wind, or semi-flat to choppy race you find yourself in.

  • Balanced rocker to save energy.
  • Integrated steering system.
  • The 17’2”x26” flat deck is unchanged.

The 17’2”x23” recess uses a new concept bottom that combines the added stability of the 2018 and the extreme glide these shapes are known for. This allows you to link bump after bump in an effortless way.

Key design elements can be found in the 2019 14’ Sonic as well. The newly introduced 17’2”x25” recess also shares important design elements of the 17’2”x23”, but offers a more comfortable racing experience.

Our world-class The Molokai comes with a winning carbon race rudder designed by Trent Pedersen.

Steering system:
• 100% Carbon frame, steering arm, rod mount, and tension rod
• 100% serviceable
• 316 stainless parts, brass inserts
• Can be set for left or right-foot steering


Molokai Pro Carbon size chart

Length Width Volume Handle Fin
*12'6'' 23" 300.5 L 2 long  Rudder
17'2'' 25" 330.4 L 2 long Rudder
17'2'' 26" 372.0 L 2 long Rudder

 *Pro Team Board

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