Our Sustainability Story

Harmless Harvest Farm

At NSP we respect the environment and the world we play in, taking seriouly the concept of sustainability.
We are constantly looking for new ideas and technologies to reduce the impact on our planet as we build surf – and SUP boards.

NSP was the first to incorporate shape molded SecureCell EPS blanks in our surf – and SUP manufacturing process. The result is almost zero foam dust waste.

NSP uses green epoxy resin from  Sicomin epoxy systems.
Sicomin invests considerable resources into innovation and supplying new, environmentally enhanced green epoxy systems based on natural ingredients.

NSP CocoMat boards for instance are manufactured with high-performance bio-epoxy resin, based on no less than 28% of plant-based organics.

NSP CocoMat technology is the world’s first and only Patent Pending construction that uses natural fibers from coconut husks. This construction creates a light and strong micro sandwich and respects our sustainability goals.

Another industry leading innovation by NSP is the use of water based dye pigments in our CocoMat construction.
These dyes use zero percent solvents or other toxic additives.

To pursue sustainability –  materials and manufacturing, NSP has introduced Flax Fiber Rail technology to the CocoMat series in 2019. The CocoFlax.

This already eco-friendly product will benefit from this highly durable reinforced fiber made from the flax seed plant. It will also help NSP in reducing the use of fiberglass and overall carbon footprint.

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